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14 Best Ways to Increase Amazon Sales in 2021

Amazon’s hold over eCommerce looks set to extend well into the 20s and beyond, with small and medium businesses in the US alone selling more than 4,000 items every minute. But how do newer sellers increase Amazon sales in such a competitive environment?

Don’t worry. We’ve assembled this digestible list of 14 quick wins and strategic moves, to help you sell more on Amazon.

1. Win the Amazon Buy Box

The quickest way to get more sales on Amazon is by ensuring that your products show up consistently in the Amazon Buy Box (the area in the top right of a product page, where shoppers can ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’). This is because over 82% of sales happen through this highly sought after space.

Although the exact formula to win the Buy Box is unknown, there are a few things that we know are essential. These are mainly metrics that prove the seller is providing a good customer experience.

Something that’s obviously very important to Amazon shoppers, is price! By using repricing software, you can automatically set your prices at the optimal level to win the Buy Box and maximize profit, even if you’ve got an enormous inventory.

2. Get more Amazon reviews

72% of shoppers won’t buy until they’ve read reviews of a product from people like themselves, people they trust. Even a strong product with great marketing behind it still has to overcome fear of the unknown if there’s no social proof. Plus, positive reviews are a significant factor in deciding which products win the Buy Box.

Get more Amazon reviews by encouraging and feedback from your customers. the best way to do this is by utilizing feedback software to automate the process.

3. Provide great customer service

Customer service is absolutely essential in eCommerce. There’s always an element of trusting a seller to deliver, and trust is hard earned but easily lost. Providing good eCommerce customer service is critical.

There are all sorts of tools to make this job easier, like help desk software to keep all your customer interactions in one place. This helps you to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries when they come in.

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4. Optimize product titles

The old saying goes that 80% of readers never make it past the headline of any piece of content. That means once you’ve written your product title, you’ve effectively spent 80 cents of your dollar.

When writing product titles, stick to the formula of brand name, then product name, then features (size, color, gender etc). This lets you include the right keywords in the right order to immediately tell shoppers that this is the product for them.

5. Use more keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving game. The terms used by customers to find products change daily, affected by seasonal, cultural, and economic factors. That means you need to cast a wide net when fishing for these terms.

Each product should be optimized with as many relevant keywords as possible. We’re talking hundreds. This gives you the best possible chance of getting your products found, helping you sell more on Amazon.

6. Create product bundles

Why sell one product when you can sell two or three? Sometimes you can increase Amazon sales by simply selling items as a bundle deal. This makes a lot of sense when different items in your inventory naturally complement one another.

When you know your niche, you know your audience and how they use your products. The longer you spend on research, the better you’ll become at intelligently packaging products together to meet consumer needs at the right price point.

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7. Work with the experts

You’re great at running your business, but you’re not Superman. Everyone has different skills, so don’t be shy about reaching out to those whose talents can help you sell more on Amazon.

Strong Amazon images are essential, so why not work with a professional photographer. Copywriters can provide enticing product descriptions. Digital strategists can ensure you’re spreading the word as effectively as possible.

Whatever skill is missing from your toolkit, someone out there can help.

It’s also worth following some carefully chosen eCommerce influencers. You have to bear in mind that they often have products or services to promote, but you can uncover some great ways to increase your Amazon sales if you follow the right people.

8. Run profitable Amazon ads

Running ads is almost guaranteed to help you get more sales on Amazon, but it’s easy to just throw money at them and hope for the best. You can do better! Pay attention to your advertising cost of sales (ACOS) metric, the figure for how much ad spend you need in order to make a sale.

By advertising more efficiently, you lower your ACOS and ensure you get more bang for your buck. This results in a more profitable Amazon business!

9. Manage inventory better

Hold too much inventory for too long and you need to pay over the odds to store it. But hold too little inventory and you lose out on vital sales, or even customers. Amazon can also penalize you if your inventory performance isn’t up to standard.

Smart inventory management is an under appreciated way to increase your Amazon sales and profit margin. Invest in tools and software which take the stress out of balancing supply and demand.

10. Play by the rules

This should go without saying, but it’s always a bad idea to try and game the system by exploiting loopholes and bugs in Amazon’s rules and terms of service. The internet is awash with those claiming to have found the latest cheats to increase Amazon sales. Ignore them.

Instead, engage proactively with what Amazon expects from businesses. Loopholes can be closed, cheaters given the boot. But a stellar selling reputation will endure long after the next algorithm update.

11. Develop your brand

However you choose to define your brand, suffice to say it goes way beyond a good product or two. Creating and showcasing a strong brand is a great way to get more sales on Amazon.

These three pillars; product, audience, and channel, need to support one another. Put time into making each feel distinctive, creating the impression that nobody else can provide the kind of shopping experience you provide.

12. Register your brand with Amazon

Once you’ve put work into your brand, make sure you get the credit you deserve. Trademarking your products cuts the risk of someone using your brand name for their own shady purposes and protects your customers.

This also makes you eligible for Amazon’s A+ Content program. A+ content gives you more space to describe what you and your brand stand for and tell your story. This builds trust, which in turn helps you to increase your sales on Amazon.

13. Work with the right influencers

Whatever your niche, you can be sure there are people out there who share your passion and have devoted time to growing a following. That following is likely to be full of potential customers eager to hear about your product.

Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. Micro-influencers with followings in the thousands or tens of thousands often possess an air of authenticity which the big players have outgrown. Choose carefully, build a genuine relationship, and watch your reach expand.

14. Make Instagram work for you

The Instagram feed and story ads are home to some of the most inspired advertising in the world right now. The medium’s fast, snackable nature makes it ideal for sparking a conversation about your products among a precisely targeted audience.

If you have an Amazon FBA account, you can also create a landing page for your products which links direct from Instagram and sidesteps the competition. Look for ‘promotions’ under the advertising segment of your account to get started. Instagram is a great platform for online sellers and if you can leverage it effectively, you’ll be increasing your Amazon sales in no time!

Final thoughts

The quest to get more Amazon sales doesn’t need to be an uphill struggle. By staying in touch with how the platform grows, you can continue to do what you do best: building a great brand, winning customers, and increasing your Amazon sales.

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